Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Power Tool Safety Tips

makita tools-safety tips

Are you a hobbyist, a carpenter or a worker that uses a power tool in your day to day life? Me, I’m a hobbyist. I love to do woodworking projects that includes tables, chairs and even racks that can be used in our house. My latest project is a Dining table for 6 which I will give to my sister as a present because she just transferred to her new house. I’m just kidding with all the statements above, actually in the family my uncle is the one who has the skill to do woodworking. His works are useful and gorgeous that’s why I idolized him. With a Makita cordless power tool, he will be ready for any projects.

Yesterday, I visited my uncle’s shop and asked him some tips on using power tools or simply power tool safety. Here are his recommendations:

 Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Before working, be reminded to use PPEs. Personal protective equipment is created to prevent or reduce injuries. Knowing what kind of PPE to use depends on the hazard present on the work place. Some of the hazards could be, flying debris, harmful dusts, fumes, mists, intense heat or light and dropped tools. With these hazards present in the work place, you can start by having an eye and face protection like safety glasses and goggles. For hand protection from cuts, use cut resistant gloves made from Kevlar especially if you are using sharp blades. A leather gloves is enough if you are working with wood.

Also, since power tools produce a large amount of noise, it is also advisable to use a PPE for your ears. According to the Wikipedia, using power tools without a protection over a long period of time can put a person’s hearing in danger which can even lead to hearing loss.

Do not hold the Tool on the Switch

While carrying the power tool make sure to hold it with force and away from the switch that will trigger it to turn on. Failing to do so might lead to injuries like cuts, bruises, etc.

Never Carry a Tool in its Cord

Always hold the power tool on its handle. Holding it on the cord will only cause loose connections or even worse would lead to wire cuts that can cause electrocution when exposed.

Avoid Using Power Tools in Wet Condition

Power tools can be dangerous when used on wet condition. Actually, not only power tools should be used with caution on wet conditions. Almost all electric operated objects can cause electrocution when used. Else, if your not electrocuted, your tools will be damaged because of water.

Keep Areas Well Lighted When Using Power Tools

The reason why you should use this on well lighted area is to see the things clearly. Who wants to cut their fingers or even drill their feet into the ground?

So, these are just the pointers that my uncle shared with me. Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015


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